Group Benefits 2012-13 Manulife

Now Manulife offers 5 professional services bundles to choose from

Manulife is introducing a new professional services bundleEnhanced Plus. The new bundle includes additional practitioners and it gives even greater choice to you .

The Enhanced Plus professional services bundle includes all the practitioners already available in our Enhanced bundle plus five new ones: athletic therapists, social workers, chiropodists, dieticians, and audiologists.

Combined maximums
Note that the Enhanced Plus bundle includes the following combined maximums:

  • Athletic therapist and physiotherapist
  • Social worker and psychologist
  • Chiropodist and podiatrist
  • Dietician and naturopath
  • Audiologist and speech therapist

With five different professional services bundles to offer, Manulife gives you more choice and more options in the coverage you can offer to your clients.

Manulife offers five different packages: Basic, Standard, Standard Plus, Enhanced, and Enhanced Plus.

Enhanced Plus combined maximums:

  • Athletic therapist/physiotherapist
  • Social worker/psychologist
  • Chiropodist/podiatrist
  • Dietician/naturopath
  • Audiologist/speech therapist

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