Super Visa Insurance

SuperVisa Insurance - In the current times fast life has bought many of us abroad for study , work or permanent migration to another country due to which our parents and loved ones get left behind ,Super Visa was introduced by Canadian Government to fast up the process of visa for parents and grand parents, and for that Super Visa insurance was necessary to take care of the unexpected illness expenses which parents or grandparents might face during their visit to Canada. Private Medical Insurance Coverage of min $100,000 to insure parents, grandparents coming to Canada under SuperVisa for hospitalization, hospital Care, repatriation by Canadian Insurance Company valid for 365 days from the date of entry to Canada.

1. You get to choose - start date for the plan and you can always change effective date before start of coverage.

2. Lowest Premiums Guaranteed.

3. 100% refund - If no Visa Granted for any reason.

4. Partial Refunds - In case your parents decide to go back sooner than one year, prorated refund available, provided NO CLAIM on Policy.

Simply fill the form in the link ahead and have comparison from all Insurance companies providers.Online Quote for Super Visa Insurance